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Their tears were criticized after the series teeth in Vietnam. Do not eat too hot or too cold foods because the temperature is too low or too high to damage the enamel and make your teeth feel edgy when eating. Do not smoke, use alcohol or dark colored foods, acids such as tea, coffee, soft drinks, soy sauce, chocolate … after taking tartar. Build a nutritious diet, lots of vegetables, fresh fruits rich in vitamins and minerals. Limit foods that are too soft and sticky because they are easy to attach to teeth that form tartar. Brush your teeth twice a day, in the morning after waking up and at night before going to bed. Brush your teeth properly. When brushing, use a soft brush, moderate force, brush the brush vertically or turn it around. Avoid brushing horizontally as it can damage the enamel. Use physiotherapy saline, just after each meal to remove the remaining plaque.


Kết quả hình ảnh cho Is Dental crown nice as natural teeth

The object applied porcelain teeth

Dental crowns for natural teeth are naturally applied to cases of ugly teeth, not like the following:

Teeth look ugly, uneven vietnam dentist prices

Detachment teeth are clearly exposed to aesthetic

Door teeth are bad color, uneven color, bleached but not effective.

The teeth are broken, the teeth, but deviated teeth at a slight level

When the tooth is cracked, cracked, tooth decay … can cover porcelain teeth to protect teeth.

The process of dental crowns for dental doors beautiful nature at dental I-DENT Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Dental crowns for natural teeth are a natural way of interpreting, correcting on their own the need for treatment by grinding a thin layer on the tooth surface. The porcelain crown for a toothed door is a remedy that can be corrected because, while creating a new crown, the porcelain veneer will be shaped so that when fitted to the real tooth can be equal to teeth. Other  teeth, just above the jaw and no more.

Porcelain crowns will help restore both your aesthetic function as well as your chewing function better, teeth shape and size that look exactly like the real tooth next. However, porcelain crowns for natural teeth are naturally not indicated in cases where the teeth are overloaded to avoid over-invasive tooth structure.

Teeth whitening is a technique of orthodontics that still needs to be sharpened, but only in a very small percentage and it does not affect your teeth very well, so it will not hurt you or be sensitive. In addition, the teeth after the grinding will be covered with crowns or dental crowns, ie, a protective layer on the teeth, making the dentin not exposed. The chewing function of the teeth is good, not to make teeth as sensitive as the conventional dental grinding techniques in the past, very safe for users both in terms of compatibility of the body. nha khoa ident

To help you understand the porcelain crown for beautiful natural teeth, please contact the dentist I-DENT for more specific advice. The center also many other services such as: filling, dental implant,.. Wish you success and more beautiful nha khoa trồng răng implant