She even thought many people had to give up teeth in Vietnam

She even thought many people had to give up teeth in Vietnam . The filling of the mouth is fixed to the teeth so there is a risk of sprung up while eating chewing or biting. The effects of moist and acidic environment. In some cases due to cavity care not carefully cause the cavity between the fillings and teeth help teeth are sensitive after filling. To be able to fill Open the tooth door is extremely strong, it should use the most modern laser technology today. This technique uses laser er to harden the filler pads. The laser hardening process can produce the following remarkable strengths. The strength and strength of the sealant is enhanced, which helps to support the bite better. Besides early teething cases that cannot be controlled, there are babies up to the 10th and even the first month of teeth.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho smile teeth

Wrinkles, facial defects

According to dentist, most of us chew while sleeping and awake, but grinding disorder occurs during sleep with a thicker frequency. One study found that nighttime grinders suffered 5-6 such blunts during sleep, compared to 1-2 times those who did not. vietnam dentist prices

Stress is the main cause of grinding. In addition, the disease may also have other causes such as obstructive arthritis in the bite joint, central nervous system dysfunction, malnutrition, alcohol and tobacco, genetic factors.

Because the force used in the grinding action is much greater than the force generated when chewing, grinding teeth not only make people uncomfortable sound but also erode teeth. Teeth will lose all enamel, exposing more yellowish layer, being sensitive, cracking the teeth, shaking or falling. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

This condition, if prolonged, can cause damage to the dental restoration such as fracture, splinter, fracture of removable or fixed dentures. In particular, people suffering from chronic tooth grinding create a disproportionate appearance, worn teeth will reduce the size of the sub-floor and will make patients look older than their actual age.

Should wear chewing trays

The doctor, said that grinding can be seen in both children and adults. In addition to tooth erosion, teeth grinding can cause fatigue, muscle pain, headaches, neck due to muscle spasms. At present, there is no method to treat it thoroughly, but there are some measures to reduce or prevent gum disease. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

One of the coping strategies is to bring chewing gum. This tool works to prevent tooth decay, reduce the pain of musculoskeletal and jaw joints. Grinding techniques can also be used to adjust, remove stubborn bite or stick to protect the teeth also work.

These methods will be twice as useful if the person is moving a little before going to sleep. In addition, patients need to change lifestyle, yoga … to reduce stress, while eliminating the habit of smoking, drinking alcohol. cấy răng implant