But, I can say, is one teeth in Vietnam

But, I can say, is one teeth in Vietnam. Swelling can be caused only by a traumatic injury after the tooth, not by infection if it is painless and without fever. In cases of difficult, long, seven times more likely to be swollen, the swelling begins on Monday, Tuesday, the fourth day began to decline gradually. Often, it is necessary to spit a hard, long or inflamed mouth before antibiotics are given, and it can be expected that swelling may occur. Hurt It is often difficult to extract the teeth, especially when the spit presses on the bottom of the bone (so avoid this as much as possible). Pain due to tooth extraction arises from arthritis or dry inflammation. After tooth extraction, need to take pain medicines such as and instruct the patient if more pain to return to the examination. There may be fever and lymphadenopathy case lost a tooth. Method 2: Use pumpkin fruit.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Can porcelain the bleach according to the above two

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Aesthetic whitening helps bring a bright, white tooth without spending too much time and money. This is the reason why this method is so favored. Whitening does not damage the teeth as well as other related factors. This is essentially a drug that catalyses redox reactions, removes plaque, and prevents tooth chain formation on the tooth surface. After bleaching, the teeth will become shiny and whiter.

Bleaching is currently available in two types, whitening at dental facilities, using bleach at a 35% peroxide concentration. The drug works under the influence of laser. However, high concentrations can cause gum burns and should be done by experienced and skilled dentists. In the other case, home bleaching can be performed under the supervision of a physician with a lower level of non-dangerous bleach.

About bleaching PORCELAIN teeth?

Bleaching according to the above two methods only applicable to the structure of real teeth, enamel real. In other words, effective when customers have natural teeth with white glaze before, the bleach will help wash away the plaque back to the original white. Dental bleaching is also effective when teeth are slightly infected with tetracycline. The status of enamel is stained yellow, dark brown, the bleaching effect is no longer effective. Then the solution is to replace the new porcelain crown.

Bleaching does not work for porcelain, veneer, or removable dentures. Therefore, if in the case of dental porcelain over time of use is discolored, stained, lost the shine necessary, then go to the dental clinic to visit and replace dental porcelain if necessary. .

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